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Labour Welfare

Welfare Activities

Qatar Master is committed to labour welfare as recommended by Qatar Government.

  • Some of the activities we do are:
  • Providing clean and furnished camp facilities.
  • Conducting Training and Awareness programs.
  • Providing Medical Services, Insurance and Compensation.
  • Recreational activities for workers.
  • Inviting feedbacks for improvements.

Workforce Employed

Training & Awareness

Qatar Master organizes induction & periodical training to workers which include:

  • Basic laws and regulations prevalent in Qatar.
  • Company policies on ethics, quality, labour & Human Resource.
  • Environmental, Health and Safety procedures.
  • Conduct periodical mock fire drill as part of Emergency response procedures.
  • Workers grievances mechanism in company.
  • Theoretical and practical training in their respective workmanship.

Camp Facilities

Qatar Master is committed to provide facilities to workers as per the recommendations of Qatar Government.

  • Some facilities provided for Blue Collar Workers are:
  • Single deck furnished accommodation.
  • ISO Certified Catering.
  • Dining area with Television.
  • In house Medical service with MoPH certified Nurse.
  • Safety officers, fire wardens & fire wardens in labour camps.
  • Wifi Internet connection.
  • Gymnasium.
  • Clean shower, Toilets and Laundry Facilities.

Recreation & Feedbacks

  • Qatar Master conducts camp parties for workers.
  • Qatar Master conducts sports event like football and cricket for workers.
  • Suggestion box installed in all camps.
  • Monthly camp meetings to address grievances and feedbacks.